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Where To Find The Amazing Food Trips in India

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Apr 17,2023

Do you like food? You should plan a vacation to India if you consider yourself a foodie. India has a wide variety of fine dining establishments, so foodies worldwide need not worry about being disappointed. However, the fascinating Indian restaurants are hardly the most stuffy ones. India is home to some of the world's best restaurants, from hipster cafés to homey restaurants to roadside dhabas. So, if you're a foodie, plan a trip to India and get ready to sample a wide variety of dishes.

The reputations of some of India's finest restaurants have grown substantially over the years. Restaurants are celebrated not just for their delectable fare, exotic atmosphere, silky service, and eye-popping presentation but also for their innovative dishes and exquisite plating. Learn about the best Indian restaurants that have gained international acclaim.

The best restaurants in India are listed below.

1135 AD in Jaipur

The 1135 AD Restaurant, named after the year the royal dynasty first rose to prominence in the region, is a great place to sample authentic Rajasthani fare. The restaurant is located within the beautiful Amber Fort, where guests may enjoy their meal under glittering crystal chandeliers and gilded ceilings.

Eat your fill while listening to live music on the outside terrace. Feel like a king or queen in this restaurant decorated entirely in silver and gold.

The Bombay Canteen in Mumbai
If you're hungry at 1 in the morning, you can stop by the Bombay Canteen, a casual dining restaurant open till midnight. Indulge in mouthwatering North Indian dishes that will draw you in.

The restaurant has received universal acclaim for its trendy and exotic decor, making it a popular destination for vacationing foodies and fashionistas. Come here to get some cheap, tasty, and sanitary cuisine to quench your hunger pangs.

1559 AD in Udaipur
Another restaurant in Rajasthan with the name of a historical landmark promising unforgettable recollections has recently opened its doors. Most diners come to 1599 AD because of the excellent fusion of classic and modern Indian dishes.

Enjoy delicious Thai, Indian, and continental fare in a beautiful garden.

Izumi in Mumbai
Izumi is a casual restaurant that will blow your mind in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Mumbai.

Make a reservation at this great restaurant to enjoy tasty food and pleasant company. Try some delicious Japanese dishes in a visually appealing and unusual setting.

Kasino Bar in Mumbai
It's a veritable utopia for epicureans, with live music, wonderful food, and a spacious dance floor. It has an incredible space of at least 3,000 square feet, with all the trimmings for a memorable stay.

Their service also includes fun activities like casino games, but if you wish to play at home, you can practice your skills at Betshah online poker casino. The superb fare is served with adult and non-alcoholic beverages.

Chef and consultant Saif carefully prepared the menu so that every item may be enjoyed.

Ballygunge Place in Kolkata
Visit 6 Ballygunge Place in Kolkata for genuine West Bengali cuisine. The unique restaurant's classic dishes, such as the coconut-infused scholar dal and the rohu fish in mustard gravy, are presented visually stunningly and flavorful manner. Try some of the tasty-sounding desserts and drinks that are traditional to Bangladesh.

Bomra's in Goa
Bomra's restaurant is the place to go for a relaxed meal, with tasty options from the Goan and Burmese kitchens. In Candolim, Goa, a well-regarded establishment, is noted for its promptness and good quality.

Additionally, the restaurant has a stellar reputation among those who want healthy, delicious meals at reasonable prices. Indulge in some refreshments while taking the picturesque scenery from its outdoor tables.

Aish in Hyderabad
Within the luxurious Park Hotel in Hyderabad sits the Aish restaurant, which pays homage to the city's rich history and is decorated to reflect its imperial past. Amazing traditional Hyderabadi dishes were served beneath a beautifully carved ceiling. The restaurant has a modern vibe, perfect for appreciating authentic Hyderabadi cuisine.

The Bangala in Pudukkottai
The Bangala is famous for its family kitchen, the best place for genuine Lebanese and Chettinad dishes. One of the best ways to improve your eating experience is to try some of its ancient recipes.

Agashiye in Ahmedabad
Agashiye restaurant reflects India's diversity and is a great place for vegetarians looking for a new experience. The best way to sample it is with a delicious thali, and it is recommended that you return because the menu is always evolving.

Agashiye is a stylish Gujarati restaurant spread across two expansive terraces in a local heritage hotel. Have a peaceful and romantic meal together.

O Pedro in Mumbai
O Pedro appears to be a genuine dining establishment that provides Goan, Continental, Bakery, North Indian, and Desserts around the clock.

It is a great spot in the Bandra Kurla Complex, renowned for its elegant presentation and wonderful food. Drinks at this restaurant will transport you to a tropical paradise, and the menu will take you on a gourmet journey across the region's incredible culinary diversity.

Ambrai in Udaipur
You can enjoy the view of the Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, and City Palace from your table at Ambrai, but the food is so good that it may overshadow the scenery.

The restaurant of Hotel Amet Haveli is known for its excellent kebab platters and hot laal maas curry, among other dishes. Have a wonderful time on your date by the sea while feasting delicious treats.

The Black Sheep Bistro in Goa
Excellent Continental, shellfish, German, and European fare can be found at the Black Sheep Bistro.

Try fresh juices, various drinks, chocolate desserts, and cheesecakes. See why its sleek, contemporary furnishings are so popular.

Amethyst in Chennai
Despite its central location in the middle of hectic Chennai, Amethyst maintains the atmosphere of a peaceful sanctuary. The café, set in a converted warehouse with beautiful gardens and terraces, is popular among those who seek public acclaim.

When you're done exploring cuisine from around the world, head to the complementary shop. Savor its tasty pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and more in a calm atmosphere.

Bademiya in Mumbai
Bademiya isn't one of the flashiest restaurants in India, but that hasn't stopped it from earning a spot on this list.

Before opening a permanent restaurant, Bademiya was a popular street seller known for its legendary seekh kebabs.

Bawarchi in Hyderabad
One of Hyderabad's biggest culinary legacies is biryani, an aromatic dish made of mixed rice, curried meat, seafood, veggies, and a lot of spice.

Traveling to the Bawarchi, a local favorite, is well worth it because it serves five distinct versions of the city's signature dish.