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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home in Chandigarh

Posted by : Prakash on | May 29,2013

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home in Chandigarh

If you are planning to buy a property in or near Chandigarh, this article can be your savoir. We have listed some important question you must ask a builder, before you decide to invest. Flats in Chandigarh, with the planned infrastructure, attract quite a few buyers from all across the country. However, it does not guarantee to spare you the legal and financial hassles.

The first thing you should ask straight and direct is how much the house is worth. Ask the agent to give you enough comparable by including properties of similar or lower prices that may have been sold recently. Just knowing the price range of the unsold properties is not enough. Do not keep yourself in dark about the various options other than a property under consideration.

The next important thing you must know is how long the property has been on sale. If you are looking for 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur, you must ensure that the property has not been pining away for months. The properties that mushroomed over a short span might have many, which are never even heard of in the market. If you are offered such a property, there is risk of it being overpriced or having slow market prospects.

In order to avoid negotiating troubles close to finalizing the deal, you should ask beforehand about how firm the seller is on price. Either ask the agent, or directly contact the seller. If the seller seems to be stiff, make offers to more than one agent.

After you get an idea about the bargaining possibilities, get assured about the closing costs. Ask the seller whether he will help you with the closing costs. It will help you avoid over-budgeting.  You can offer to equally share the costs and reach a balanced settlement.

Consider the fact that if you are looking for flats in Chandigarh, the seller will dodge disclosing any real problems. Asking about problems in the newly built 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur might seem out of question. However, owing to the fast-paced market in the city the sellers are in rush to get rid of the property. Therefore, they may fail to disclose any problems. You must ask directly to make an inspection.

There could be cases when sellers have listed their properties in short sales. It means the seller’s bank has allowed them to sell the property for less than the amount of the outstanding mortgage. However, some sellers may simply list short sales without having the consent of their bank. This may cause lapse of the deal. Therefore, if you suspect a property to be priced lower, ask the seller about his bank’s consent for the short sale.

These are a few important questions, which might save you from buying an over-priced or unsuitable property in Chandigarh. Do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions. It won’t make a genuine professional uncomfortable. In fact, he or she would be more than willing to explain everything in detail because the likelihood of closing the deal is higher if you get all the information you need.